K4 Kilombero Sugar Factory Expansion Project

Client Overview:

Our latest project spotlight shines on our collaborative effort with Weld-Con Limited, a distinguished firm based out of Kenya. Weld-Con Limited has been entrusted by TSK Spain with the critical task of fabricating tanks for the Kilombero Sugar Project. In turn, Weld-Con Limited appointed us, to oversee the logistics of transporting these tanks from Mombasa to Kilombero.

Project Challenges and Solutions:

The transportation of the tanks presented a unique set of challenges, primarily due to their considerable dimensions. To ensure a smooth and secure transport, we initiated the project with a comprehensive route risk assessment. The enormity of the tanks necessitated a carefully plotted journey from Mombasa to the Taveta / Holili border, then traversing through Arusha to Babati, proceeding southward to Dodoma, Morogoro, Miku

mi, and finally reaching Kilombero.

Cargo Specifications:

– Imbibition Water Tank: Length 8.60m x Width 5.0m x Height 4.35m

– Clarified Juice Tank: Length 10.2m x Width 5.0m x Height 4.35m

For the transport, we employed 5-axle low-bed trailers, a strategic choice to minimize the total height of the load. This careful planning was crucial to circumvent power outages in regions with low-hanging overhead electrical and telephone cables. Despite our meticulous planning, certain areas required the temporary disconnection of overhead cables to allow our convoy to pass safely, followed by their subsequent reconnection.


This project dubbed the K4 Kilombero Sugar Factory Expansion Project, represents a significant milestone in our ongoing partnership with C. Steinweg Tanzania. To date, we have successfully moved more than 1,500 truckloads for this project, a testament to our commitment to excellence and the trust placed in us by our clients.

The K4 Kilombero Sugar Factory Expansion Project underscores our capability and expertise in handling complex logistics challenges. Our collaboration with Weld-Con Limited and the successful transport of the imbibition and clarified juice tanks from Mombasa to Kilombero is a proud achievement for Mainline Carriers. We are honored to contribute to the expansion of the Kilombero Sugar Factory, a project of significant economic and social importance to the region.


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