Stay Rings Delivery to Julius Nyerere Hydropower Station

Project Description:

Client Name: Julius Nyerere Hydropower Station

Cargo Specs: Stay Rings

Route: Dar es Salaam Port to Site in Rufiji

Vehicles Required:

The Story:

Delivering stay rings to the powerhouse.

We were tasked to move stay rings across the Rufiji river from the left bank to the right bank which is approximately 9km, and then down to the powerhouse (approximately 1km). The movement to the powerhouse was an extreme challenge as it is all downhill with steep slopes and 180 degree turns.

The stay rings were moved to the right bank over the river using a bridge constructed by the client on 5-axle low beds, they were then offloaded and had to be moved down to the powerhouse

Mainline provided 2 Mercedes Actoss (480hp), 1 Mercedes Titan (610hp) and a 7-line Goldhofer modular trailer. These units, together with a CAT745 dump truck filled with sand were interconnected with drawbars specially designed to handle 180 degree turns and steep slopes going down to the powerhouse. The trucks connected together provide the necessary braking force needed to handle this movement.

Both stay rings were successfully delivered to the site safely without any incidents.

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